Real Estate Law.
Advice on purchases and real estate investments and leases. Advice to Condominiums of Owners. Mortgages. Horizontal property. Claim of debts. Extinction of condominium. Drafting and negotiating building and development contracts.
Family Law.
Separations and divorces, ecclesiastical annulments, termination of de facto relationships, dissolution of matrimonial economic regimes, breaches of judgments, applications for allowance and compensatory pensions, judicial modification of measures disputes and paternity acknowledgments. Donations.
Donations & Inheritance Law.
Advice on donations and inheritances. Tax planning. Processing of inheritances and liquidation of taxes, preparation of wills, partition of inheritances, inheritance challenges and claims.
Judicial incapacitation.
Processing of judicial incapacitations.
Non-profit entities.
Provision of legal advice to all kind of NGO, namely religious orders, foundations and associations.